Interior Accessories – The Key to Good Design!!!

      March 18, 2020

      Accessories are the soul of home décor. Accessorizing is really an art, nothing adds more grace to your space like accessorizing does. Accessorizing is not only about decorating your space with few cushions, a rug or coffee table as much as our elders would have us to believe. The key to a sinful accessorizing experience is doing what feels natural to you, with a belief to harmonize your space.

      A common belief is that “Life is in the details”. In the realm of interior decorating, this especially holds true. The finishing touches to a room’s decor is largely about the accessory pieces, such as wall art, sculptures, designer rugs and throws, exquisite vases and decorative bowls or display cases filled with exquisite china or interesting Knick knacks.

      Accessories can be defined as the soul of our home decor, which can easily break or make the room. Accessories can be a storyteller when everything is displayed in a manner…It can distinguish whole lot about your lifestyle and even your personality. Accessories can make feel a room feel warm and inviting or serious and businesslike. They can suggest elegance or humor, contrast sharply with their surroundings or complement them. A room with just the right balance of accessories will nicely finish the look of any room, while giving it a personality and style that is uniquely your own.

      But quite often they are neglected or simply ignored!

      What can be done while looking for accessories for your home?

      Look for accessories that speak to your interests.

      • You’re going to be living with these items; select things you will enjoy seeing in your home every day. They need not be expensive, but should add interest in shape, color and texture.
      • Don’t forget to include items that have sentimental value. Because these objects usually have great stories behind them, they are always interesting and help to personalize the space. Accessories such as art also can be great conversational pieces.
      • Your accessories will have a greater impact if you display them in groups. Dispersing them will only diminish their significance. Use odd numbers to create interesting arrangements.
      • When decorating a coffee table or end tables, vary the size of accessories and use items of different heights. Always include one item with color, such as flowers.
      • Art also can be grouped to display a collection of similar works. Items that include some of the colors in your room will create a more cohesive look.
      • Whether you’re selecting furniture or accessories, balance is a key component of any room design. A tall grandfather clock, for example, could overwhelm a narrow entry. Small accessories may seem lost in a large room.
      • To bring balance to a space, try utilizing other elements to build harmony. For instance, a room with high ceilings can appear better proportioned by filling empty corners with tall green plants.
      • Shop for the larger items first, such as art, lamps, vases and decorative boxes. They occupy more space and are helpful when trying to create balance.
      • After you place these accessories in the room, you can see if there are gaps where you could showcase smaller items. Always edit your selections, to avoid a cluttered look.
      • Certain items seem to naturally belong in particular spaces.
      • Always think about where you are going to place an item. Ceramics and other food-related items, for example, look best in dining rooms and kitchens; so do fruit and vegetable paintings.
      • Accessorizing often is an afterthought, and this mistake can leave a space feeling dull and uncoordinated. Accessories are essential elements of decor and are powerful components for creating beautiful rooms.

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