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      March 18, 2020

      Working from home? How to make your home office look smart & functional? – Pandemic 2020

      Home Office. Considering the present situation, working from home can be a huge relief so as to avoid the unnecessary stress! While the whole world is advised to stay indoors and stay safe during Covid 19 emergency. Many companies are giving the opportunity of “work from home” to their employees.

      “Working from home can be great if an ample distinction is made between distractions and actual working space. Missing out on important work due to discomfort and disturbances is the last thing you would want. You would want a Home office at the comfort of your home and a proper space where majority of your time will be spent.  

      Given are few tips which you can consider for your Home Office

      Storage for your Folders and Paperwork

      Keep a place where you can keep your folders or important papers so that the desk is clean and clutter free which will not irritate you while you work for the whole day.

      Choose the apt place for your workstation

      As you will be spending majority of your time there, would insist to take a place which will be vacant and will give you the privacy needed while working. You can consider your bedroom if you don’t have kids, else Guestroom will be a good option. If you cannot use your bedroom or guest bedroom, then the last option can be the Dining room.

      Furniture are important too!

      Try to get a good chair which is comfortable enough for you to work for long hours. As long hours of work can affect your back and neck. Make sure it is ergonomically correct.

      Accessories for Home Office

      Do you want to get up every morning and start your work on an empty work table? Keeping an empty table for your work from home will make it look dull. Why not to keep some small indoor plants, Calenders, Artworks, Fancy Lights, Books etc which will make you feel at home and enhance your efficiency.

      Pin Boards or Marker Boards

      We all need to keep a list of points or a to do list for every day. If possible have a small Pin board or a Marker board where you can keep all the to do lists or the pending lists. If not, you can still use a small space of your desk to keep all the sticky notes which will remind you of the daily pointers.  

      Good Music can be your friend

      While we all are missing our colleagues at office (though we do have our family members). And working from home can be very monotonous/ boring sometimes. A good music can always help you to enhance your mood. Whenever you need a break from your work or while working switch on your favorite playlist and relax!!   In this hustle and bustle of work from home and giving that family time, we all need some time to relax and get that “ME TIME” for ourselves.  So whenever you can take that time off to lighten yourself.

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